What We Do

What we doRecruitment
We provide high-end recruitment to a vast variety of companies and industries.
What we do Counseling;
Axis2Consult provides career counseling to job seekers from all backgrounds.
What we doTraining and Development
We offer outstanding training and development skills to candidates seeking jobs or those seeking to advance their career.
What we do Consultation
Professional and experienced consultants to assist companies of all sizes.
About Us

Simply put, we provide you with the right candidate of the caliber you require for senior positions.

In the fast-changing corporate world of the 21st century, we keep ourselves updated with the latest in Manpower Recruitment by participating in consulting meetings and providing our clients with our executive summary of candidate’s assessment for evaluation and efficient procedures for checking vital references.

Having a vast, updated database in the area of management recruitment further puts us in a unique position to serve our clients in a way that others simply cannot.

Our extensive research in the area of recruitment shows us that though a number of appointments are made based on the selection and short-listing of the candidates with emphasis on their resumes, the method is far from being effective as many chosen candidates are unable to continue due to several reasons – personal or professional – resulting in huge loss of time, money, and other resources to the hiring organizations.

The methodology we employ in selecting the candidates for your company is by far the most proven and effective way of avoiding these losses leaving you with more time to concentrate on management issues.

With a team of experts in the human resources area backed by extensive data, we evaluate the candidates based on their CVs to our satisfaction vis-à-vis your requirements. Only after thorough assessment and careful scrutiny, we forward their CVs to you as your complete satisfaction is our only sign of success.

Our placement process involves two steps that help you fill in positions with right person in the right place thus avoiding the proverbial square pegs in round holes: Actual Requirement of the Employers (ARE), and Evaluation of Ability of the candidate vis-à-vis Requirement (EAR).

After this process, we, without prejudice, forward the CVs along with our Evaluation Report (ER) to the companies/employers either by e-mail, telephone or by post. This not only cuts down on the company's recruitment cost, it helps them judge the suitability of the candidates at the time of interviewing and short-listing.